Our Team

Benjamin Lambert, Executive Chef

Growing up in northeast Ohio as the son of accomplished home cooks and savvy gardeners- foraging, hunting, and fishing were just a regular part of life.  But Chef Benjamin Lambert’s family was on another level of dedication to the table. He attributes his love affair with food to his grandparents, who were avid cooks who canned and jarred the local produce when it was in season.  His journey toward the food industry began when he enrolled in The Culinary Institute of America at his mother’s suggestion. After graduating, he worked at Le Cirque 2000 under the watchful gaze of Sottha Khunn. At Union Pacific while working under Rocco Dispirito, Lambert was inspired by the focus on a balance between sweet, sour, salty, and bitter in each dish. He took that lesson and replicates it to this day in each dish he creates. The tight quarters in the kitchen of his next stop, Picholine, would also be an important step. But it wasn’t really until working with Chef Jason Neroni at 71 Clinton Fresh Foods that Lambert feels he developed a professional interest in farm-to-table which was a perfect fit for his next position as Chef de Cuisine at Restaurant Nora, a national pioneer in organic cuisine. Today he brings all his culinary experiences to the seasonal menus at 701.